Sportsfishing – right on the doorstep

We practice catch and release, except for dinner fish.

Cape York Barramundi Fishing Safaris have permits to fish and camp in several areas of Cape York . Dependant on water levels and fishing action, we can make an informed decision on which part of the park we will fish at any given time of the year.

Our mobile fishing camp gives us flexibility and a distinct advantage.  Once we’re set up, we are right on the river.  There’s no daily travel too and from the fishing locations.  In addition, fishing inland waterways means that we are not governed by the restraints of having to fish the tide.

We can fish for Barramundi all day and all night right from our back doorstep, authentic bush camping at its best! The Cape York environment will also expose you to a tremendous range of wildlife, including estuarine and freshwater crocodiles, pigs, eagles, parrots, jabiru, brolga, dingo, wallabies, scrub bulls, goanna, a vast abundance of bird life (including many rare species) and of course enormous Barramundi!

The flora of the region is extremely diverse and unique to this area of Cape York. For bird watchers, naturalists and keen photographers it is indeed a slice of heaven. As we fish the freshwater regions, bugs are scarce.

What happens on the fishin' trip, stays on the fishing trip...but let us know how you enjoyed it?

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