Where we go

Cape York: One of the most pristine wilderness fishing destinations in Australia

The rivers of Cape York, where we run our Cape York Barra Fishing Safaris, are the Normanby, Bizant, Hann, Morehead, and the North and South Kennedy Rivers.

These rivers weave their way right through the Cape York National Park until they empty into the magnificent Princess Charlotte Bay. With these deep rivers reaching so far inland, and also being part of a National Park they are protected from netting by professional fisherman.

The rangers presence all year round also gives you peace of mind that no illegal fishing can be carried out, thus protecting this valuable resource and ensuring extremely good fish stocks now and for future generations of keen anglers that come to Cape York for Barramundi Fishing.

What happens on the fishin' trip, stays on the fishing trip...but let us know how you enjoyed it?

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